The Academy


  • The main curriculum of teaching would be as per our training Guidelines.
  • Teaching methodology would be: Theoretical, Practical Lab work and Hand-on Experiential Learning, would be provided to the students.
  • Number of Seats: Not more than 50 and not less than 30 per batch in a field.
  • Required percentage of Attendance: 100% attendance should be maintained by students. No participants shall be allowed to be awarded a certificate at the end of the training if the student has less than 90% attendance in total.
  • Training Classes/Number of Hours: Training classes shall be 6 days in a week (Monday to Saturday) Number of hours from Monday to Friday shall be 6 hours daily and Saturday(s) shall be 3 hours
  • Practical hours shall be utilized for hands-on exercise in the lab sites, Experiments, classroom exercises, software simulations, regular quizzes/class tests shall be conducted.
  • Motivational sessions (1 hr. duration each) shall be conducted once every two weeks.
  • At least 2 visits to medium or large industry to know power transmission, distribution, loads, cabling, etc. and one visit to 33 kV substations shall be planned.
  • Payment terms: 100% advance to be paid 30 days prior to training
  • The currency of payment shall be in Naira only

Selection Of Participant:

Students shall undergo a computer-based theory test (CBTT) and medical health fitness test to check their potential to undergo this training in Nigeria and the successful prospective students shall be eligible to participate in the training program.

Essential Qualifications:

The participants of this training program shall be at least school Cert. /Diploma/Degree holders etc.

The Duration of training:

The duration of the training program shall be Two Months per batch.

Assessment & Certification for Candidates:

In the training program, an examination shall be conducted consisting of the written test; practical examination shall be conducted at the end of the training period by the training Centre. Students shall be provided with India Certification by the Network Centre for Technology transfer by steinbies India (2e Knowledge Ventures).