Solar PV Design, Installation, Operation & Maintenance

Qualification:  Technicians – sch. cert holders

Duration of Program: 2 months, 6 hours daily from Monday to Friday and 3 hours every Saturdays.

For Registration and Training Fees: Get Details from the Centre Head of Captain Elechi Amadi

Ph nos. 07035772979/08037103021/08035500194

Bank Details:

Little David Industries Ltd

GTBank – 0040113347

UBA Bank: – 1013791769

Training Location:

Captain Elechi Amadi Polytechnic, Rumuola.

Course deliverables:


Solar energy fundamentals, solar power plant components, types of solar power plants, types of solar panels, configuration of solar inverters, charge controller types, classification of batteries, mounting structures, basic design of solar plants, tilt angle, location selection, installation, maintenance and operation, evacuation facility, electricity network, soft skills and entrepreneur skills.


IV characteristics, series and parallel connections of solar panels

Shading effect and tilt angle effect on solar panels

Terminations, inspection, and testing of batteries

Charging battery from the solar panel and its effects

Installation of solar plant

Site visit:

Site visit to the nearest solar power plant

Note: Training Centre and accommodations are all equipped with security, 24 hours clinic services as well as restaurant.

The registration fee is not refundable.

Please contact our Program Supervisor for more details: Ph No. 08066701274